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App available for the Android Phone. Please note you will need an active Data Trak account to use this app.

What is Data Trak?

Data Trak is a real time Proof Of Delivery app. It is designed to run alongside our Transport Management System (or interface to your existing TMS). It allows jobs to be sent easily from your TMS to the drivers mobile quickly. Drivers can then access full details including the address, references, quantities and instructions.

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Key Features

Data Trak is an advanced electronic Proof of Delivery app, all-in-one mobile solution for effective and efficient real-time driver performance monitoring and delivery confirmation.

Delivery Management

Manage your deliveries and collections easily with our online platform.

Proof of Delivery

Capture time, photo proof from within the app and submit real time ePODs.

Electronic Signature

Get recipient’s e-Signature or image on your docs. Eliminate invoicing errors.

Route Map

View all deliverys on a map for current manifest.

Real Time on the Map

Track route progress and delivery status in real time on the map.

Delivery Tracking

Track your vehicle's/driver's current location, control on-time delivery.

Notification and Messages

Send jobs and delivery notifications in real time. Communicate with photos.

Defect Reporting

Complete record of the drivers safety check including photographs of defects.

Driver Daily Walk Round Checks

Data Trak Driver App digitises the vehicle defect card by allowing drivers to complete a HGV driver daily walk around check from their smart phone. Historically, all previous checks had to be completed manually, which is time consuming and not to mention expensive.


Electronic Proof-of-Delivery

Save time and Never lose a paper POD.




We have provided answers to most of the questions our users ask. Please read through them carefully. They contain vital facts you need to know about our solutions and services.

Data Trak is a cloud-based delivery system. Use all-in-one software to manage your deliveries and routes, to optimize your routes, to make paperless proof of delivery, to track your vehicle in real-time, to send jobs to your drivers.

First and foremost it will allow you to decrease your time spent on routine jobs. Time is money and you know it. You are able to use all-in-one software which will allow you to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, endless telephone calls, texts etc. It will allow to to be in full control of what's happening in your business right now. You will get all necessary statistics for business decision making almost real time thus increasing your potential for bigger earnings.

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App available for Android Phone and Iphone.

Please note you will need an active Data Trak account to use this app.