Data Trak Timesheets


App available for the Android Phone and Apple Phone. Please note you will need an active Data Trak account to use this app.

What is Data Trak Timesheets?

Data Trak Timesheets have never been easier. Track time on your phone, quickly approve employee hours, or dive into dashboards and reports that make it easy to manage and plan employee time.

Not all timesheets are created equal. That’s why we’ve built Data Trak timesheets to be a unique time tracking solutions. You can customize it to suit you and your company.

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Key Features

Data Trak Timesheets is built with powerful features all designed with the aim of reducing the workload associated with accurately clocking your employees hours.

Real Time Capturing

App timesheets are synchronised instantly, making delays a thing of the past.

Web Based Portal

Using our web based portal you can manage timesheets from anywhere.

Offline Capabilities

Unlike some apps, the timesheets app works seamlessly offline.

Expenses System

Add additional fully customisable expenses on to any timesheet.

Quick Reports

Generate a range of reports through our web portal instantly.

Geo Location Capturing

Each timesheet includes the location it was sent from to help spot false claims.

Holiday Forms

Holiday forms allow you and your employees to quickly work out holiday allowance.


You can instantly customize the app so that it is tailored to your companies needs.

Auto Calculations

Quickly sum up hours, expenses, mileage and many more over a given date range.

Comprehensive History

View a complete record of timesheets for each employee.


App available for Android Phone and Iphone.

Please note you will need an active Data Trak account to use this app.